Founded on 18 february 1948, the International Military Sports Council (CISM) is one of the largest multidisciplinary organisations in the world. We organise various sporting events for the armed forces of our 134 member countries. Soldiers, who may previously have met on the battle field, now meet in friendship on the sports playing field. This is in accordance with the philosophy and the ideals which were set in CISM’s mission statement in 1998, signed by all the member countries. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to world peace by uniting armed forces through sports. The motto under which we operate is « Friendship through Sport » .

Aeronautical Pentathlon - Commander Edmond Petit of the French Air Force created Aeronautical Pentathlon in 1948. At the time, he conceived the idea of organizing a sport competition for the flying personnel to train an test the physical fitness and improve the general conduction in terms of self-protection and professional improvement. It is composed of two separate contests: A flying contest and a sport contest. The flying contest is: A low-level navigation competition (the competitor acts as navigator). The six disciplines of the sport contest are:

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  • Shooting (Pistol, Air Gun)
  • Fencing
  • Swimming (100m with obstacles)
  • Ball (Individual ball event)
  • Obstacle run (400m – 12 obstacles)
  • Orienteering
milpent_flyerMilitary Pentathlon - In 1946, a French officer, Captain Henri Debrus (later promoted to Colonel and President of the CISM) conceived the idea of organising a sport competition reserved exclusively for the Army. His attention was drawn to a military physical training technique at that time practised by the Netherlands’s Airborne Units. It consisted of parachute jumping, marching, crossing of obstacles and finally performing combat operations with small arms and grenades. Captain Debrus, taking the Dutch method as a guide, eliminated the parachute jump and modified the other tests so as to form a system which, he thought, would constitute an ideal way of completing ground training. A first competition organised by himself was held at the “Military Physical Training Centre” at Freiburg, in the French occupation zone in Germany, in August 1947 with the participation of Belgian, French and Dutch teams. The improved regulations, resulting from this trial, were approved by the French military authorities and the disciplines included in the competition were widely adopted throughout the French Forces under the name of Military Pentathlon.

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Since then, the five disciplines of the Military Pentathlon have been :

  • Shooting with standard rifle (200 meters) – one precision and one rapid fire test
  • Obstacle run (500 meters) with 20 obstacles
  • Obstacle swimming (50 meters) with 4 obstacles
  • Throwing with standardised projectiles – one precision and one distance test
  • Cross-country (8 km for male competitors)
Naval Pentathon is a polyathletic competition sport which embodies appropriate basic physical education and training methods for soldiers. It is a tool to bring together soldiers from various countries in the framework of CISM.

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The five disciplines are:

  • Obstacle race (305 meters) with 10 obstacles
  • Lifesaving swimming race (75 meters) 5 separate features with working dress
  • Utility swimming race (125 meters) 6 separate features with swin-fins
  • Seamanship race (270 meters) 7 separate features with land work and slalom rowing around buoys
  • Amphibious cross-country race (2500 meters) 5 separate features with 50 meters shooting, 100 meters water passage paddling, 25 meters granade throwing.


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